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We offer a variety of dance classes for all skill levels. Our experienced instructors are passionate about helping each dancer achieve their highest potential, while also having as much fun as possible. All class styles are offered in a group or private setting.


Private lessons available by request. Click here to send your request.

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7pm - 8pm

Dominican Bachata

8pm - 9pm

Casino Rueda  Level 1


Intro to Cuban Salsa Casino

Learn basic footwork, turns, patterns, solo dancing or “shines” and be introduced to proper posture, weight transfer, frame and partner connection.


You will be introduced to the basics of leading and following to Cuban Salsa music, known as “Timba” and have the chance to practice dancing to the proper timing or “tempo” with your partner and as a solo.


The basic skills learned in this class will be combined with the Beginner Casino Rueda and Styling classes.

Casino Rueda

Our Casino Rueda program has 4 levels, each increasing in complexity.  In Casino Rueda Level 1, you will learn turns, patterns and be introduced to Casino Rueda, which is a Cuban form of Salsa often described as “Casino Wheel” or “Salsa Wheel” focused mostly on partner dancing.


Casino Rueda combines turn patterns with a simultaneous rotational movement of the wheel, while exchanging partners continually throughout the song. It is a great way to interact with other dancers, have fun and add variety to your routine, all at the same time.

Ladies and Men's Styling

Begin to learn styling and build upon the lessons taught in Beginner Cuban Salsa Casino. This class is focused on solo dancing or “shines” and is designed to help you explore principles of Cuban dance movements and personal styling to add flair to your dancing.


Learn fundamental techniques, body awareness and posture, musicality and showcase your ability to coordinate and contrast full body movements into combinations.

Predominantly focused on Cuban Salsa Casino, it will also include elements of Afro-Cuban and other folkloric dances. All of the footwork and combinations you learn can be used during solo or partner dancing.


The basic skills learned in this class will be combined with the Afro-Cuban Beginner class.


This class is designed to be an introductory lesson to Afro-Cuban dances and build upon the lessons taught in our Beginner Styling class. 


This class is focused on the traditional dances that were transported to Cuba from various parts of Africa to include variations of Rumba.

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